Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks Carli and Tamara! NOT (love you!)

Ok, so I was tagged by both Carli and Tam, so here it goes!
6 things about me...

I. I am in love with little girls clothing and accessories. I don't have a little girl yet, but when I am in a store and I am done looking for Porter, I go and look at all the little girl stuff.

2. I am a horrible speller!

3. I dislike Halloween, I love all of my family traditions and seeing cute litte kids dressed up. Other than that I think the world has made it very evil. I hate anything scary!

4. I love avacados even though I think I might be allergic to them. After I eat them I get a really bad itch in the back of my throat. Watermelon does the same thing, but I love them both too much to stop eating them.

5. I really enjoy doing laundry, It is such a good feeling having empty laundry baskets. And for some silly reason I like doing Porter's laundry the most, I just love folding his itty-bitty clothing.

6. I love watching Jason and Porter play together, Jason is always making Porter laugh. I will try and do exactly what daddy does and never get the same reaction. I love the bond they have and the way Porter lights up when he plays with his dad.

Oh, and anyone reading this, TAG it's your turn!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm a BIG boy now

Porter just wanted to show everyone his BIG boy carseat.

P.S. This last picture isn't the greatest, I just love how BLUE his eyes look in this picture!

Porter, Porter Pumpkin Eater!

Porter's first pumpkin! It's too bad he paid more attention to the leaf we gave him to sit still! It is getting harder and harder to make this little man smile for pictures without making a fool of yourself. So you will notice in these pictures he is not smiling at the camara but at Dad behind me making silly faces.

Next time won't you sing with me?

When it is a little too quiet around the house, you know exactly where to find Porter. These are one of his favorite things to play with. Do you see the long blue one? He usually carries it around the house with him all day long. It has become one of his "toys of the day." Every morning he picks out his daily companion from among his favorite toys. If it is not the long blue magnet then it is either a toy hammer, a little fishing pole, or his comb. Anything that is long and skinny that he can grip well and still crawl with. He doesn't alternate throughout the day. Once he has chosen his toy it is with him all day. The other day he chose a stuffed Mickey Mouse that he would drag along by the tail. Even though it made it really hard to crawl, he stuck with it. He was determined to bring it along everywhere.

P.S. You might notice that the words spelled out on the fridge don't look quite right. We had to get creative because the magnets only came with one of each letter. The "r" at the end of Porter is really a "J" upside down. There are others too. If you can find them all, give yourself a cookie.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More pumpkin patch

Sonny Acres

We found the coolest pumpkin patch EVER!!! It is this cute little farm about 15 minutes from our house. It isn't really a little farm, it is actually pretty big. They have carnival rides, a hayride through the spooky forest, a petting zoo with llamas and sheep and chickens and goats, a pony ride, gift shops, all the food you can imagine would be at a fair/carnival, a haunted barn, corn mazes, etc. You name it, they have it. We had fun taking all sorts of pictures with Porter. Porter wasn't big enough to do any of the fun stuff, or even really care about it at all. We would pose him next to pumpkins and he would scream at them. Not really a mad scream, just telling them what's up. He was drawing a lot of looks and laughs from other people. We will definitely be coming back next year!