Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain Rain go AWAY!!

Our kids love their sunglasses, too bad we have no sunshine to enjoy wearing them outside! Porter just looks like a plain old stud, while Ellery just giggles and smiles every time I put hers on.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yep, that's what Porter likes to do these days. Any time I have a pen and paper in my hand he thinks he needs to "colors" (Everything has an "s" on the end lately!) My favorite thing though is he is not finished with the paper until he has covered every inch of it. He will go around the edges for hours, just to make sure it is ALL covered.
I am not a nice mom, I put the eraser in the middle of the screen and he was so frustrated, until he noticed and fixed it!
He is his mama's boy for sure. Whenever I am concentrating on an art project or anything similar to it....I stick my tongue out and lick my lips. It is something I hate and have tried for years to stop. When I was in first grade I remember in the middle of doing an art project while the whole class was quietly working. My teacher called me out in front of the whole class for sticking out my tongue. Then I went over in the corner of the classroom and cried. Funny huh!
Check it out, his tongue is out in EVERY picture!

And what's a post without this cute thing! Sleeping away! Both of my kids have slept with feet up in the air, how about yours?
Yep, I caught her lying on her back enjoying her book!
Givin' the couch some lovin'!
And her first pony tail!

Monday, April 13, 2009

4 Easter Bunnies???

If you look closely, we had 4 Easter Bunnies on Easter morning!!
In our families it is tradition to find your hidden Easter Basket. Since Porter is just starting to understand the whole holiday thing he had no idea what an Easter Basket was, so since he would have no idea what he was looking for...we decided to tie a bright orange string to the basket and put the beginning of the string right in front of his bedroom door. When Porter walked out of his room, he immediately saw the string and followed it like a champ!!

My kids would NOT cooperate for pictures in their CUTE Easter outfits. This is the best I got! (Don't you just LOVE Porter's face! NOT!!)

Later that evening we had an Easter egg hunt at our friend house. Porter left his basket in one spot and would go and retrieve the eggs and bring them back to the basket.

At one point our little friend Madelyn stole Porter's basket and decided to keep it the rest of the time!

But not having a basket didn't stop my little "Gus Gus"!


Friday, April 10, 2009

One more month!

Until this little lady turns 1 YEAR OLD!
Oh it makes me so sad. Why does life have to speed up when you have kids? I swear high school lasted forever. It seems like I just had Porter yesterday and he isn't even 3. My little Ellers is into everything these days. She will crawl half way across the room and plop down to her tummy and army crawl the rest of the way. (It is still her favorite, the silly girl!) She tries to pull up to everything but most times only gets to her knees. So in honor of 11 are 11 fun Ellery facts!
1. She can say mama, dada, and hi!
2. She loves to sleep on her tummy.
3. She GRUNTS, I LOVE it! If she is not getting what she wants she will grunt until she gets it.
4. She loves any attention she can get from her brother. (Good or BAD!)
5. She loves to eat (no surprise there) but I can put anything on her plate and she will gobble it.
6. When ever Porter is asleep and she is awake she is determined to go and get him. If I set her on the floor she will BOLT for the door and since the door can just push open, she can get in.
7. She loves stuffed animals, she will squeeze and love them and NOT let go!
8. She doesn't give up easily, she is a very determined girl, she WILL get whatever she wants.
9. She is a better splashier than Porter in the bath tub, she gets me soaking wet!
10. She loves getting lotion on, it's like her daily massage. I think she would lay there and let me lotion her all day long.
11. She has the best sad face in the world. She gets the biggest shaky frown and tears start poring out without making a peep. It only comes out when her feelings get hurt or when someone else other than mom and dad try and hold her.

(She loves when dad plays silly games with her!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


and FOUND!!
I know it has been quite a while since I last posted. Well I am back (for now!)
So what's been going on the last month for us.....NOTHING much. Jason had Spring Break in the middle of March so we headed out to Kirtland to enjoy some time with Jason's parents. We just love going and spending time there. We had planned on staying only 3 days since Jason's parents are on a mission and we didn't want to be in the way or distract them from what they need to be doing. But at the end of 3 days I was wanting to stay longer but didn't tell Jason because I didn't want to overstay our welcome. But the night before we were leaving Jason's Dad said "How about you stay and go home Thursday, we haven't had enough of ya." I was so happy to hear him say that, because I was not ready to leave! Well Thursday night comes and we were getting ready to leave the next morning when again we got an invitation to stay longer. It was so fun to stay the whole week we loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!!
The weather was so nice there. Only a hoodie was needed to keep warm, and that was only when we needed it!
Porter had so much fun running around the place, we had a hard time keeping up with him!

Some of the only naps the kids got were in the car. Porter got this cute little wooden truck at an Amish store, and would NOT put it down!!! It was hard listening to him walk around with his truck and saying "Fruck" the whole time!
Other than our little trip we have been just hanging out around the house. Ellery's new favorite thing is to give "loves" to anything she can get her hands on. She holds it up to her face and says"aaahhhh" (LOVE IT!), although yesterday I caught her with one of Porter's shoes up to her face NASTY!
And last but not least my brother and his wife had there baby boy on March 31st! Welcome to the family baby SAWYER!!! I am DYING to meet you!!