Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ellery's favorite place to play lately. She will get some toys out set them on the basket with her then throw them down and insist that I pick them up for her, just so she can do it all over again.It's all fun and games until she tries to do this...
I love Porter's imagination! He is obsessed with trains and will find a way to turn all toys into a train something or other! Here he is turning his blocks into a train track!DOWN...SET...
My little girl is finally walking. But only if she wants to, and only if we remind her that she can. I love watching her stand up. She looks like a football player every time.
So proud of herself!! Sorry my kids look like orphans in the last few pictures as they were taken yesterday while I was packing ALL DAY long to head to UTAH TODAY!! I am so excited to go and visit with family and friends and enjoy Utah weather (I hate humidity!!) I will be in Utah the entire month of July and my husband will stay here in Chicago. We are going to miss him like crazy! LOOK OUT UTAH HERE WE COME!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tired laundry girl

This is what you get when you are TOO LAZY to fold your laundry and your baby doesn't take a good nap!
She pulled the laundry off the couch and was telling me "nie-nite." What a cute face!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It was such a nice day yesterday and we had nothing better to do so....we went SWIMMING!!
Ellery loves chillaxin' in her crab! Porter loves the stairs where he can hang out and do it all by himself! He also loves jumping to daddy off the side of the pool.
Our cute friend Benson was there too! Ellery and Benson love to hang out with each other at church keeping each other busy, while we try and get something out of sunday school!

******And a HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the best daddy in the WHOLE WORLD! Porter and Ellery just ADORE you. You are such a good and loving father we LOVE you!******

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair DO!

Elle gets her bangs cut. BEFORE.....

AFTER!! I know it doesn't look like much in the pictures. But it really does make a huge difference!
Today I put her hair in PIG-TAILS!!!
OH she looks SOOOOO big :(
She love this baby doll more than all the others! (She was giving it a huge hug seconds before this picture!)
Better picture of the piggys!!

OOOOOHHH I love this girl. She makes me so HAPPY! She is learning and growing more and more each day. She is so much farther advanced than Porter was at this age. Love you Miss Elle!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One TRACK mind

To many of you this just looks like a normal shirt.

But to a two year old train obsessed boy the ribbed collar becomes.....

...a train track!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

$6.oo makes one happy BOY!!

Porter only has one thing on his mind, TRAINS!!!!! It is the ONLY toy he plays with these days. Last Friday and Saturday was the most amazing annual garage sale by our house. The whole neighborhood joins in. Friday I went with some friends and had seen this train table while we were looking at their 25 cent clothing. I didn't even think about getting it as it was marked at $25.oo. On Saturday we finished off the neighborhood (that's how big the sale is) and for some reason found myself back at this house. It was the last stop of the day, I had $5.oo left in my pocket when my friend convinced me to go and look at the table. So I went up to the man and asked how desperate he was to get rid of it. He told me he just marked it down to $20.oo. "How about five!" was the next thing out of my mouth. The best part about this was his wife looked over at him with the most disgusted face and mouthed "NO!"........"SOLD" the man looked at me and said I could have it. And to his luck I pulled out a $1 and a $5 (didn't know I had the 1.)

Check out the happy boy!

I told Porter to smile at me, but he was to busy! So I got this one instead!!!

In total I spent $15 at the garage sale and ended up walking away with tons of GREAT stuff!

Friday, June 5, 2009

ANOTHER Chicago trip!

To see THIS...

Jason called me yesterday during nap time to tell me that his work was giving away free tickets to see Legally Blonde the MUSICAL First come, first serve! Jason was all over it, he knew how much I would love it. (And I DID!) A good year ago on MTV there was the Legally Blonde Search for the next Elle Woods, witch Jason and I both watched together. So I already knew half of the songs, and was beyond excited to go! Thanks to our good friend Erin for watching our kids last minute!
P.S. When we got to the theatre and looked at our Playbill at the actors I saw that Rhiannon (the girl from Utah) and Lauren from the MTV show were in this cast. I was SO excited!!
(Lauren 3rd from the left in gray, and Rhiannon 7th from the left light pink!)
P.S.S. Since I was going to the theater I decided to wear some wedges. Big MISTAKE, there was way to much walking from the train to the theatre and I had major blisters that ripped open. I was so miserable, good thing there was an Old Navy around the corner from the theatre to get some flip-flops for the walk back!

Monday, June 1, 2009


This girl loves her SUNGLASSES!!
She's already got "STYLE" too!!!
And she's all MINE!