Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 Little MONKEYS.....

This afternoon my kids ASKED to get in the crib. They had so much fun playing and goofing off in there! I think Ellery was the happiest girl IN THE WORLD that her brother was playing so nicely with her.
I LOVE this picture of Ellery playing peek-a-boo! Look at that little eye peeking out!
Happy girl!

The day Ellery met the sidewalk!

Our church is undergoing some construction and in order to get to the other side of the building you have to walk outside. Well on the way Ellery took a tumble, and got a big ugly bruise and scratch on her face. Here she is telling me all about it and pointing out her owie!
Not the greatest picture of her, but shows the damage done to her sweet little face. (Looks worse in person, she got lots of people feeling bad for her!)
But it was nothing a Strawberry Shortcake band-aid and lots of hugs and kisses couldn't fix!!

Cookie Monster

Ellery's 1st OREO! (At almost 1 1/2, what a mean mom to hold out on her!)
She was a natural too! She twisted and turned and ate the frosting off the cookies!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little Mommy

Ellery loves her baby dolls, she loves to give them kisses and have me wrap them up over and over and over again!
She loves to point to their eyes, nose, hair, ears, mouth, toes, etc.....
Trying to wrap baby up all by herself. And then proceeds to "rock-rock" her.
Baby loves! I love my little Miss Ellery!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Jason and I were enjoying the nice long 4 hour nap our children were taking when at 5:00 Ellery was the first one we heard from. I walked into the room to find my baby with poop covered hands. I called for Jason to start running a tub. We get Ellery all cleaned up and a load of laundry going when Porter woke up from the long nap soaking wet. (Thinking at this moment how much I hate Walmart diapers!) I hurry and get him undressed and without thinking I unlock and open the washing machine.......
This is one of those days you wish you weren't the parents of THAT mess! Talk about POO hitting the fan!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Play Date

A few of my friends and I got together yesterday to let kids play, and have some girl talk! I forgot my camera so it was a good thing my awesome pro friend Erin brought hers along.
Speaking of my friend Erin here is her beautiful daughter Ella who Porter is absolutely smitten with!!! He would rather sit and play with her instead of the fun activity that was planned.
The fun activity you ask... Well just check out this little one! She LOVED finger painting with pudding!
The true side of Ellery!

Madelyn and Addy loved it too. Mary was smart to buy PINK pudding for the girls!

Thanks for the fun day girls, lets do it again soon!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silly Socks

One Sunday morning before church Ellery found this pair of my socks and asked Dada to put them on. The have been inseparable ever since!
(Showing me her socks!)
Weather they have just been washed, or she slept in them the night before and she finds them on the side of her bed, it doesn't matter she will find them and insist that they be put on. No other sock will do, only this special pair!
The best part is they are women's ankle socks, so they look fine in the front but EXTRA awesome in the back!