Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long day!

Last spring/summer there was a flood in Jason's parents basement. Jason's parents are on a mission. And at the time of the flood no one lived in the house. Jason's siblings would come every month or more to check up on the house, mow the lawn, dust, etc. Well who knows how long the water sat in the basement when they found the mess. They had to rip up mildew carpet and baseboards. The water came down the stairs and in through the back entrance. If you look at the picture below you will see in the top left hand corner the back door, then the tile floor, the rugs that cover where carpet used to be, and then the beautiful white tape and where the carpet starts.
Today during naps/Porter's quite time it was raining cats and dogs for a good 40 min. Porter came and asked for some crackers. When I went to get them....there it was...water seeping through the back door. Lots of water! I have no pictures to document as I was a little preoccupied. But it was such a big mess, running through the grout lines of the tile. I was trying to hold it in with every towel in sight, and it kept coming until it hit the rugs. My sister-in-law came and helped out and we finally got it under control and cleaned up. Thanks Tiff!

Just when we thought everything was under control and Jason got home from school. We packed up the kids and headed to Home Depot to find something to take care of our water problem since the forecast says we will be getting rain for a few more days. While we were at Home Depot finishing up, we had Ellery in the front of the cart and Porter in the back. Porter decided to stand up and take a step back to find himself falling out of the cart right on his head. I picked him up and he started crying immediately. Still crying I felt him get heavy. He never lost conscience but was a little woozy. I didn't feel good about the situation so we decided to head to his pediatrician right down the road. From there the nurse practitioner who saw him said she couldn't see anything wrong but didn't like a fall on the back of the head right on the cement. So... off to Primary Children's. We quickly dropped Ellery off with my mom. Got him in, they evaluated him looked at everything. And with the HIGH dose of radiation that CT gives off, we with the doctor's high recommendation decided not to go that route. Porter is functioning VERY much like Porter, and is just fine. I am still so grateful that I took him in and made all the right precautions. We love our little Porter SO SO much, and glad he is safe, home, and tucked tightly into bed!!!
(Only thing we have to document of Porter's visit to Primarys.)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Popsicles of the season!
Please ignore the messy faces and grubby clothes. We were playing to hard to care! I love having a big backyard to play in, and a park just a short walking distance away!
I was nervous offering one to Porter as he usually refuses anything new (last year he wouldn't touch one!) But he loved it, that is until it started dripping and getting him messy. Then he was done.
No comment needed for this one OR the next. It's sure hard to learn that popsicles don't last forever!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am so excited for tonight!!
Sue Sylvester is my hero, and the music rocks my world!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


On March 31st we went to celebrate my cute nephew Sawyer's 1st birthday!
And when my sister showed up with her kids, we had a good laugh! Porter and Easton were little twinners! The same exact t-shirt underneath the same Gap cardigan just different colors!
No matter how much Easton loves to pester and push Porter's buttons. Porter sure loves him!!
If that's not coincidence enough...on Easter Sunday, my sister (Easton's mom) and I showed up in the same exact skirt!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It has been an eventful weekend. It started on Friday when we had our friends over to make and decorate sugar cookies.Elle just ate anything that was given to her!
On Saturday we got together with Jason's side of the family for lunch and an Easter egg hunt in the back yard in between conference.

Saturday night we had a girls night out (and Porter) with my mom and sisters at The Old Spaghetti Factory, YUMMMM! And Kari and I running to Taipan to get super cute new purses!
Here are the kids this morning finding eggs and their Easter baskets. In the morning we went to my parents house for the traditional conference cinnamon rolls.

Ellery cracks me up with her silly faces that she makes all day long. (I could do a whole post of these goof ball faces!) She loved her new Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse sippy cups!
This is the only thing in Porter's basket that he cared about. It has been quite the search finding Toby!
The evening ended with dinner at my sisters house. Such a fun weekend. And we were so grateful that the weather KIND OF cooperated with us, at least for the egg hunt on Saturday! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and conference weekend! I know we did!