Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes, we are alive! And no, I have no good reason why I have ignored my blog....just 'cause. It was such a beautiful day today so we took advantage and spent our whole afternoon in the backyard. My kids love to play on this little slide and pretend to be Jake and the Neverland Pirates, they could play for hours.

I love how Porter writes his name and his cute rainbow.
(Hiding from Porter thinking she is so funny!)

I haven't picked up my camera in almost an entire month. Pretty funny the last time I picked up my camera was totally opposite from today's outing in the backyard! (Snow on March 8th/Sunshine and T-shirts on March 31st!)

I will try and be better about getting out my camera and posting before this baby comes. If not I am certain I will have lots of yummy babe pics to look forward to!