Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa...Cousins...Cafe Rio...Dunford chocolate chocolate donuts...Mexican food...Saylor's Baptizim...BBQs...Family Dinners...Lime Rickys...Friends...Late night run to Sonic...Snow Shack...Ellery Walking...Porter singing his ABC's...the beach...Splash Park...Iceberg...Grandma's water hose...Grandma Sycamore bread...Chocolate milk...Max(the dog)...Parade...Naartjie...New DownEast shirts...Kneader's all you can eat french toast...Glitter toes...Homemade dresses...Playing in the stream...Park City...Pace's Dairy Ann...Gateway...Creamies...fry sauce...24th Parade traditions...Oquirrh Mountain Temple...Olive Garden with old friends...FAMILY...FAMILY...FAMILY!!!

I am happy to say we are home now and there many more posts to come, details of all of this fun stuff!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who are those CUTE KIDS!!!

ellery by you.

porter by you.
My sister is such a FABULOUS photographer, Thanks Haylee!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Could this Pizza...BE...any bigger?


Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah...Part one!

Does it get any better than this!!
I love being here in Utah with FAMILY! So do my kids, Porter loves hanging out with "Steston and "Waddy" (Easton and Molly.) Even though Porter and Easton are the same height we sometimes forget that Easton is a year and a half older than Porter, and that Molly and him are only 6 months apart. So lots of times we think Porter and Easton should get along better than they do. Last time Porter and Easton were together it was a mostly fighting with some good times. And this time it is just the opposite, they are loving hanging out together! Porter is old enough to be able to tell Easton that he doesn't like what he is doing rather than crying and screaming every minute.
The first full day in Utah we went to lunch with my 2 sisters and their kids at Iceberg! So YUMMY! the rest of the week was full of family outings. On the 4th of July we went to the Murray parade and then went to a BBQ with Jason's family. (Sorry no pictures, having too much fun!)

Here we are at my brother Jordan's new house just watching him put in his new trees!
(Porter, Ellery, and Breck!)
I am not a very fun mom because I can't STAND letting my kids get dirty. I know I need to let them just be kids and get messy, but it drives me crazy. Porter doesn't like getting messy so I haven't had much problem until Miss Ellery decided she doesn't mind getting dirty at all. So here are some dirty Elle pictures!

Oh mom was so happy when she came home and got to give her little girl a bath. (Look at her with a sippy of chocolate milk, Grammy loves to spoil these kids!)
Porter's favorite thing to do in Utah....Playing in the water!! Any water will do he just loves it! A few nights ago I found my Mom and Porter had snuck outside at 9:30 mind you.. and she was letting him get wet in his jammies! Then just last night she did it his jammies! Spoiled KID!

There is not much luck getting this boy to sleep much here. He is having too much fun!!! He has had many late nights and few naps in between. Here he is hanging out on the couch eating fresh popped popcorn!
All of that sleep deprivation leads to this....falling asleep on Grandpas chair at 5:30 P.M.

We have had so much fun, and the fun is still happening! I have so many more pictures and stories to tell and we haven't even stayed half of our visit!! And please don't ask how many Dunford Chocolate Chocolate donuts I have already had!