Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Legs

Okay, so in the stores Baby Legs cost around $12.oo A PAIR!!! That is crazy. I wanted them so bad, that I bought some at Target on sale for $8.50, so lame. Well now I know how to make them!! They are so easy to make and I made 3 pair for $4.99. I love the look of them, and think they are a fun change from boring old tights! I am trying to find some good socks to make Porter some (It looks really cute to put them on boy's arms, underneath short sleeved shirts!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you say....


Never without a car in his hand!
And holy CUTENESS!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 100th post!

So, anyone who has been to the store with Porter lately knows that he likes to point out things that he knows the name of or sound it makes. His favorites are....Lightning, choo-choo, ball, ah-ah-ah (Monkey), and woof-woof. He also loves finding Little Einsteins but he doesn't make a noise all the time, usually he will just throw his hands up in the air. (Blast Off!, for those of you who have seen the show. Or if I don't acknowledge him right away he will start patting his legs and say pat, pat, pat! Again you would have to know the show.)
Well Porter doesn't only do this in the store but at home, while watching the TV. The other day Porter and I were just hanging out, so and I decided to turn on the Olympics. In between one of the evens there was a little documentary that I really wasn't paying much attention to until Porter started saying "ah-ah-ah" and I just automatically responded to him saying "Did you see a Monkey?" (If I don't acknowledge him, he will keep repeating himself until I do.) Well he kept saying it, so I looked at the TV to see what he was seeing. When I did, I immediately started laughing sooooo hard. This is a picture of Porter's Monkey...... There were cute little Elderly Chinese men and women. And he just kept on making monkey sounds. Too cute!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nemo touched the Butt!

Or... "Porter went out and got the ball!" My cute boy HATES the grass. So as you can see in this first picture he is in quite the pickle!

Soon this became a game to his mean mom, who kept throwing the ball out a little farther each time (he, he).
(I'm down, but how do I get the ball with out taking any steps?)
I love how high he lifts his feet(ha,ha).

We are trying to soak up these last few days of summer. It came and went WAY to fast. Jason heads back to school on Monday:(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Porter and Ellery SHOW!

Man I love these kids!! My whole world revolves around these two. And I am loving every moment! Porter loves to hold his sister, that is until the camera comes out and then I get this!
Me:"Porter, what does a train say?"
Porter: "Choo-Choooo"
He is the cutest boy EVER!!

No words can describe!!
If you have seen Porter lately you would know that if I haven't already given in and handed over a binki(so there isn't drool dripping off his elbows), he has his fingers in his mouth. I am pretty sure he is about to get 3 more teeth all at the same time. Today in the car I heard him gagging and look back to see that his entire fist was in his mouth and he gagged himself so hard that he had thrown up! Yet his hand stayed in the mouth through it all. My poor boy!
I just had to take a picture of him before church this Sunday, he looked so stinking cute!
Again, there aren't enough words to explain. Double chins, cheesy smile and all!!!!! Love her!!
Have a good day :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The measurements are in!

You can't really tell by the photos but the baby with the bigger thighs is.......Porter! But only by about an inch. Ellery's thighs come in at 9 inches thick, while Porter's are 10 inches. Love it! I just love my little Ellery rolls. Here are some of her nakey, I'm sure this is the only time she will enjoy chubby pictures of herself!

It was so hard to get a good picture of her, she was cooing at the camera the ENTIRE time! All this girl does is talk, talk, talk! And it is SO girly, I stinkin' love it. She is getting so fun as her little personality comes out. Love you Miss Ellery!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Animals Everywhere

The other night we set a bag of garbage out on our patio and FORGOT to take it to the dumpster. Huge mistake! In the middle of the night one of the many wild animals that roam around our apartments got into it. I'm surprised it wasn't a huge mess, just a big whole in the bag. Since we live in an apartment and don't have our own garbage can close by, it is kinda Jason's job to take out the garbage. (No, I am not saying this is his fault.) It's already hard enough to get my 2 kids outside by myself, with Porter wanting to run to the train every time we walk outside. So trying to juggle a garbage bag too, no thanks! Back to my story, so the garbage bag stayed on the patio the next day (Don't worry, I kept watching to make sure nothing was getting into it.) Jason gets home and goes to take it out and there is a SKUNK out there sniffing around. Finally the skunk leaves and Jason hurried out there and got rid of the garbage. Since it was dark we didn't see the little mess that was left behind, until the next morning when Porter goes to look out side to find a little chipmunk munching away on corn cob leftovers. Porter sat there watching the chipmunks every move.

I'm sorry but I don't remember being in Utah and seeing rabbits, chipmunks, and who knows what else running around everywhere I go. It's one thing I have had to get used to here in Illinois, but Porter loves to see the bunnies!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brownie mix $2.49, Wii $246.97, The look on Mindi's and Mary's face while boxing....


I can't believe I just put this on the Internet for all to see (sorry Mary). We could not stop laughing the entire time. The boys were boring, while Mary and I were punching away like mad women! (It has been about 3 days and my arms are still killing from the boxing workout!)

Here's a great picture of Mary after she got a STRIKE, while bowling!

Brandon doing the "Granny" Shot!
Here is Jason doing his TURKEY dance, 3 strikes in a row baby! Thanks for the fun night Brandon and Mary!! (And thanks to our 3 kids for sleeping through all the laughter!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

3 Months +1 day :P

This is a perfect example of Ellery, watching her brother all day long. I love this picture!
Best friends!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A party and a proud mom!

My big boy went to his first birthday party yesterday! We went to McDonalds and played on the toys and had lunch. And see Porter does have some boy buddies!
Porter and birthday boy #1 (Xander)
Porter with Birthday boy #2 (Christopher)
And of course this is where he spent the majority of his time.
I loved Sarah's idea of getting Jackson ice cream so she could sit and enjoy talking. To bad my silly son dosen't care about ice cream or I would have had more time to talk with the girls!
Porter loved playing in the play place and haning out with other kids. And just to tell you how obsessed Porter is with Lightning McQueen, he was running around having fun in the play place and every so often he kept saying "nigh-nighing". I assumed he saw the red ballons and it reminded him of Lightning, he said it for probably the 6th time before I understood. A little boy had on a Lightning McQueen shirt. Porter can spot Lightning from a mile away. It happend the other day at the grocery store as well. We were walking down the soup isle and there he goes again "nigh-nighing" I didn't understand, it's not like we were in the toy isle and we weren't anywhere neer a fruit snack box. But sure enough it was on a small little Campbell's soup lable!
This is just a proud mom moment, feel free to ignore. I did not think this day would be coming for quite a while. With Ellery's chuncky cheeks she has been struggiling to hold up her head while laying on her tummy. She has not even come close until yesterday morning when I was getting her ready and layed her on her stomach for a moment and this is what happened!

Yeah Ellery! She has been doing it ever since yesterday morning! And I promise before yesterday she wouldn't really even attempt to lift her head up. (Don't you just love her onsie, ruffle bum!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look how big I am!

Ellery looks so cute in her Bumbo! She's not quite ready for it, her head isn't quite stable enough. But I sure do love her chubby thighs in her Bumbo!

I haven't measured yet, but I am pretty sure Eller's thighs are bigger than Porters.

And here is my little stinker pants. He will not let me feed him anymore so while feeding himself yogurt, I here these hysterical laughs from the other room. And come and find this! (He had the yogurt cup upside down, banging the yogurt out of it, Grrr!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our trip to the....

So yesterday I thought it would be fun to go for a family drive and find a "Diners Drive-in's and Dives" called Paradise Pup. WHAT A TRIP! We drove ourselves into some SCARY PLACES, the pictures that are here on the blog are NOTHING compared to what we saw. Honestly when we were in the really scary parts I did not dare look out the window, let alone take any pictures! As we were driving around I started feeling super uncomfortable, and Jason said to me "Don't worry, the really dangerous places have little blue police lights/cameras at each intersection." No joke the next intersection we came to there was the BLUE LIGHT! The little scardy cat I am, I was not happy with our situation. Right then and there I decided there was NO WAY I was getting out of the car! It was a very eye opening experience to say the least.
This next picture is for my sister Haylee, she said one of the scariest places she's been is Cicero Ave. Well Haylee that is exactly where we were! I'm just glad it was 1:oo in the afternoon!
We didn't make it to our "Dive" but we were starving. So we ended up at one of our favorite places out here. Steak and Shake YUM-O!

My little dipper, he will dip anything and everything. Some of his favorites are guacamole, salsa, and of course ketchup!