Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas this year was so much fun. No matter how much I told Jason "Let's just hop on a plane and go to Utah!" I had so much fun staying at home and enjoying the time with our little family! I am excited to keep lots of our family traditions alive, and start some of our own!
Here are some pictures of the kids on Christmas Eve. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of them together. Porter refuses to cooperate with the camera!

Here we are showing off our new Christmas pj's!

Porter was so fun to watch this morning. He would open one gift and be satisfied. He didn't care to keep opening. And for some reason he would not let go of his new tooth brush (probably because it has a car on it)! (And YES he is in new pajamas, he decided to sleep in until almost 9:00 and was in his diaper just a little too long!)
Ellery was a pro at unwrapping her gifts. We didn't have to give hers a head start, like we had to do to get Porter interested. She would grab her gifts and get down to business! And of course the wrapping paper is much more fun than the actual gift.

She got 2 of the cutest baby dolls EVER! (Thanks Kari we LOVE it!)
And the MONKEY BREAD this morning was DELICIOUS!!!!
I love this day to enjoy time with loved ones, to remember my Savior and to soak up all the goodness I can get that comes along with the season. I want to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas, and hope you all had time to enjoy the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Come Let us Adore Him...

Merry Chirstmas:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday was Porters 2nd BIRTHDAY! We had a fabulous day. To start the day off right we headed to McDonalds with some FRIENDS for breakfast and to play in the PLAY PLACE! Porter loves to play there because he can do it all by himself! And it was perfect going there for breakfast, it was empty so Porter and all his little friends had the place to themselves.
Here are the cute MONKEY cupcakes we took to share with his friends! They were a big hit!
Here he is opening PRESENTS! He was in CARS heaven, I have been searching the last few months or so to find all of the "CARS" cars he didn't yet have. Every car that he opened he would shout out their name as soon as he saw a glimpse of who it was. (And trust me he knows! Lets just say he calls Target "Lightning" he knows exactly where they are in each store, and won't give up until we go and look at them.) The cutest part though was with each rip of the wrapping paper he would say "THANK-YOU!" he was so excited with each one. I love how easily he gets excited!! LOVE HIM!!
(Here he is screaming out the names!)
Here he is with just some of the LOOT! Mack was the winner of the night he LOVES Mack!! (Thanks mom!)

Grandma and Grandpa sent him some money and we ended up getting him a LIGHTNING racetrack for all the cars. And he can do all by himself. LOVES IT!!
And you gotta love that face blowing out his candles!
It was a fabulous day, Porter couldn't have asked for more. And I couldn't ask for more in my boy! Porter is my little buddy, he makes me smile all day long, he is so sweet, smart, loving, and adorable. Love you to death bud. JUST STOP GROWING UP!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 Months!

Man, where does time go. My baby is already 7 months old! She is so spunky and cute. It's so fun to see how opposite my 2 kids are in so many ways. With Ellery it is so HARD to get a smile out of her. She will look and look at you and not crack one bit, no matter how hard you try! She loves to be sung to. (Usually the way to make her smile:D) She doesn't love her big girl food as much as I thought she would. She is a pro at sitting up, yet the whole rolling over thing is still not so good. I catch her watching TV all the time (Something Porter didn't do until he was a year old.)

And then Porter and Ellery are the same in all the good ways, love to sleep, content with with what ever, HAPPY and HEALTHY!
(This girl ALWAYS has her tongue out of her mouth, her favorite thing to do is suck on her top lip with it. So silly looking!)
And Mom, her cute little hair sticks up more everyday! LOVE IT!!
Oh and here is our attempt at getting a picture with Santa this year, Ellery sleeping in his arms and Porter not wanting to get near him!

Friday, December 5, 2008

BABY it's COLD outside!!

When it is 19 degrees outside and 20-30mph winds to make it feel like 6 degrees. It doesn't get much better than PAJAMAS and WARM cookies! (Tomorrow's HIGH is 29 degrees!!!)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Proud Mama

I just have to brag about my perfect, adorable, stinkin' cute, lovable kiddos. Not that they don't do fantastic things every day. But here are just a few reasons as of lately why I love them so stinking much!
My little Porter loves his BANANAS sooo much that if I let him he would eat 12 a day. So when he runs into the kitchen and wants something to eat, he knows which corner to head to. Not for the M&M's, Reese's, cookies, and I think there were even a few York peppermint patties. (What, we like our treats. And we know that if we are stocked up Brandon will help us eat them all!) Porter would rather eat a banana. Don't get me wrong he still loves to sit and snack on M&M's with mom. But to beg for a banana over all those other things that an almost 2 year old would want.... He is too CUTE!! (P.S. Lets just say we never have to worry about brown bananas, that bunch of bananas would be gone in a day and a half!)
And I'm never very good at keeping up on all the little milestones that babies are supposed to do. But I am pretty sure my baby is a genius!! So everyone knows the whole "SO BIG" game that we all play with our babies. Well our little Ellery already plays it all by herself at 6 months old. At first we thought it was just a fluke. But every time we say "SO BIG" she arches her little back and throws her arm into the air with a big ol' smile on her face. SO CUTE!!
And I just love all of the little faces this girl can pull, she is already so silly, and has huge personality. I can already see how fun she is going to continue to be! WHaT a DoLL!