Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No desire....

Yep....I have no desire to blog. I LOVE looking at all of yours, but could care less about my own! I am so behind on posting events that have happened in our lives it's not even funny. And sadly I just don't care. I could post pictures about how stinking ADORABLE my kids are. About how sassy and naughty Ellery has been today(she told me today she WANTS to be a STINKER!) I could tell you how Porter is becoming my taking machine, and is the sweetest boy on earth. But not today, tomorrow, and probably not next week.

I will get in the groove again, and you will be seeing pictures from months past. But I guess I'm okay with that! Until then enjoy your summer....go outside and have fun with your kids!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If you give Elle a cookie...or let her see, smell, or hear about one.

So by now....EVERYONE knows how much Ellery likes to eat! Now try to sit and have a meal with her. Anything you have she wants, even if the same thing is on her plate.

Sunday morning breakfast: Blueberry pancakes and eggs
(Dad is the lucky one to sit by Elle)

Ellery: I want eggs! (Her's are already gone.)
Dad: Ok (gives some off his plate)
Ellery: I need some more eggs
Dad: Finish the ones I gave you first.
(Done and done! Then Ellery tries to take dads fork away from him.)
Ellery: I want some more.
(Mom gives her another pancake, while dad tries to steal away to the counter to finish his breakfast in peace!)
Ellery: Dad, what you doing?
Dad: Minding my own business. (Trying to eat MY food)
Ellery: I want your business!

Are you kidding me ELLE!! You are the cutest girl in the world, and I wouldn't trade you in for anything! Even though you are a mama's girl I am pretty sure you would trade me in for a Cafe Rio burrito some days! LOVE YOU BABY CAKES!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Yep it's true. I still can't believe my baby went to his first day of school yesterday. Porter is behind in his speech, and was accepted into the special education pre-school to help him out. I understand school is in for only 3 more weeks. And with the Jordan School District cuts, we have no idea what is in store for the next school year. But we are so excited to get him this help.

He was not interested in getting his picture taken!

There's my cute boy!
As soon as I told him it was time to go, he RAN!
He was so sad when we dropped him off. But when he came out he was so excited and could not stop telling me "School is SO fun!" I love you buddy boy!