Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soaking up the SUN!

One of our favorite things to do is watch for Dad to get off the train. Porter can run up and down this sidewalk for hours! He hates the grass, so no worries about him running into the parking lot.

And trying to take a picture of my kids together (yeah right!)

At least they look like they are looking at the same thing! WHATEVER!!
Good thing when her brother isn't around Ellery will still ham it up for the camera!
What a life!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Chi-He" (Chick-Hicks)

It's no secret how much my little Porter loves the movie Cars. His favorite car to play with is his Chick-Hicks and I just love the way he says it! He was being so animated while watching it today, I just had to take some pictures!

In other news, I just thought I would let you know what a wonderful brother Porter is. He is very good at giving Ellery a binky. It is surprising how well he is at getting it in, and keeping it in!
And she is really good at taking it out!Ellery on the other hand loves to play with her toys, while......
Porter likes to play with his toys on TOP of Ellery!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mushy, Mushy!

I hate posting with out pictures. But my darn computer that I upload pictures on is being lame, along with out internet!! One of my favorite things that my sister-in-law does on her blog is she makes lists of the reasons why she loves her family. I love it and so... I thought I would share just a few reasons why I have the best husband and kids ever!!!

1-He is the best dad, he loves his kids SOOOOO much!
2-He is a hard worker.
3-He is so smart, it amazes me how well he retains knowledge. He is my dictonary, he can always answer my questions.(And if some reason he can't, I can always find him on the computer looking it up. He loves to learn!)
4-His Laugh!
5-He loves me, and knows me better than I know myself.
6-The way he looks at me.
7-He's a spiritual giant.
8-His humor and whit, anyone who knows Jason, or has been around him for a few minutes knows he's the best!
9-His relationship with Porter. He loves both of his children equally, but there is just something super special when they are around eachother! (I can't wait to see how his relationship with Ellers will develop!)
10-How much he loves his Mom and sisters! (He loves his Dad and brothers too.) There is just something about it that makes him even more attactive!

1-How he fills my cup everyday, there is always a sweet smile, or big hug right around the corner!
2-How he is so aware of the world around him. He may not have a very big vocabulary but he knows so much, just by watching.
3- O.C.D, he is so orderly, he loves to line things up, stack things up. It drives him banana's when thigs don't sit straight. And hates to have a messy mouth or hands. I believe that is another reason why he doesn't have a huge vocabulary, because he will hold things up, wanting to know what they are called, and usually dosen't say it until he can say it correctly!
4-How he is so tickilish, just like his Daddy!
5-How much he loves his cars, he has one in each hand all day and all night. It amazes me the things he can still do while holding one in each hand. It is almost like they are a part of him.
6-How well he sleeps, he loves to go down for his nap and to bed.
7-How darn cute he is with Ellery, he is so sweet with her and loves to be around her.
8-I love that he sticks out his toungue when he is concentrating (like me)!
9-He is so content and happy, it seems he always makes the best out of situations. He is content to hang out and go with the flow.
10-He's silly, I love seeing what HE thinks is funny.

1-Her smile, it melts my heart. (Crooked just like dad's, and I love her dimples!)
2-The way she sleeps, both arms flopped up buy her face!
3-She puts up with Porter "loves" and sometimes even enjoys them!
4-She is a cuddle bug.
5-Her laugh, oh my is the best gut laugh ever (far better than that YouTube baby!)
6-Her chub!
7-She loves playing with her toys, much more interested than Porter was at this age!
8-Her voice, it is so girly!
9-The way she chugs like her daddy, fastest bottle 6oz. in 3 minutes! (There is a reason she weighs what she does!)
10-So content just like her brother, she just goes with the flow!

I could go on for days, I love my family they make me so happy. I am the luckiest girl EVER!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This is what our little "backyard" usually looks like!

Yesterday morning around 10:00, Pouring rain!
Again at 1:oo, notice the tree in the top picture and then in this one, and that is in just a few hours!
Just after I took the above picture, our friends gave us a call for help because their car got stuck in the middle of the road. They had purposely taken this route home knowing the easier route to their house was closed off for water in the road.
Look at the flooded curb!

And the rain continues all day today! This is all due to the hurricanes going on. If this is the aftermath for us, I can only imagine whats going on over there!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Those were Jason's exact words last night. A while after his little ice cream snack, I hear Jason saying Ah CRUD, I can't find my ice cream. He thought he put it away in the freezer and could not find it. So that started the search for the ice cream. He searched through cupboards, the pantry, dish washer etc. Then I asked him if he checked the fridge, well there it was right next to the butter! Well it must have been a little late because, for some reason I thought it was pretty funny. I told him to leave it there so I could take a picture. Well, that's not the funny part...
The funny thing is, this afternoon as I was looking in the fridge trying to find something to eat for lunch....I look over and......yep......I left the ice cream in the fridge all night and all morning! I guess after taking the picture last night I just shut the fridge and went on with my night. Oopps!

On to more adorable things. Let me just say, I win for the chunkiest, cutest baby girl EVER!!! She went in for her 4 month appointment today and 18 lbs. and 6 oz. aRe yOu KIddINg mE! Ellery is has been over the 95% in height and weight her whole life. Oh I just love it. But I've gotta know when it stops, she has got to slow down at some point! Everyone says once she gets active she will even out. But holy cow, it stresses me out a little bit. I feel bad even saying that because I think people THINK I don't love her chub, which is TOTALLY untrue! I love the rolls and cheeks. But honestly people. Maybe some of you out there who have had chunky babies can give me some reassurance that she is not going to be a 100 pound toddler!
(Here she is with her first taste of cereal, hopefully it will fill her gut a little better and a little less fattier than her formula!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

shoes, bye-bye, CHOO-CHOO!

That's what we hear everyday when it's time to leave the house. If you look to the left of the train you will see our apartments, that's how close we live to the train. Jason literally has to walk across the train parking lot to get to school and work, SO NICE!
Well I don't know why it took us so long to figure out that Porter can pretty much have a little train ride when ever he wants. He's been on the train before but was not nearly aware as he is now. Jason has a monthly train pass and Porter is free so, last Saturday we had Jason take him on the train down to the next stop. Which is cute Downtown Naperville. We love Downtown Naperville, I can't describe the atmosphere very well, other that it is AWESOME! There are cute little streets with fancy (Expensive) restaurants, awesome shopping(Everything from Gap, to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and boutiques galore) all with a small town feel! I love it, and not to mention the houses close by are amazing. (Naperville has been in the top 10 best city's to live for 3 years in a row now, that just goes to show how awesome it is!)
Waiting for the train to come!
Downtown Naperville is a whole 7 min. from our house by car, so by train it is like 4 but it's perfect for our almost 2 year old! (Ellery and I just drive down and meet them!)
Porter may not be smiling in these pictures but trust me he had a blast! Sorry no pictures from downtown Naperville, too busy having fun! This is going to happen a lot more, I'm sure!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Victoria Ezmeralda

I'd like you all to Cabbage Patch Doll! As Jason and I were playing with Ellery tonight she was being so vocal. She would suck in her lips and just make silly noises. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard!

And of course the BEST for last!
OOOOhhh, I could just squeeze and love this little girl for hours!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Leg instuctions

Warning: I had these instructions with pictures. I didn't really read the instructions, I just looked at the photos. So if this does not make sense, I am so sorry. If you would like the pictures, leave your email in my comments and I can email you the exact instructions that I used.

1. Supplies:-Socks (knee high are the best) Girls 2-4 size works for babies, 4-10 for toddlers. You could also use women's socks but remember that they will fit a bigger person and probably be really baggy on a baby, just try things out and see what you like best.
-Good cloth cutting scissors
-Straight pins
-Optional, cutting mat and rotary cutter
-Sewing machine or hands duh!
2. -Lay both socks together and as even as you can.
3. -Going down as far as you can before the heel, cut straight across. You are cutting off the entire foot portion of the sock. Make sure it is a straight cut.
4. -Now cut off the toe and heel of each sock at once to make 2 tubes. They will become your cuffs.
5. -Now even up the tubes still working with both socks together. By cutting both at the same time you are ensuring that both warmers will be identical in size.
6. -Now you will take one tube and fold it inside itself so that the right side is showing. If there is a pattern you want to show on the finished product make sure it is front and center when folded. Do this to both tubes.
7. -Both tubes are folded into cuffs.
8. - Take the main body of sock and turn it inside out, put cuff over the sock and match up the raw edge.
9.- Pin sock and cuff together.
10.-Sew your sock and cuff together. *If using a machine, I would recommend a stretch stitch.
11.-Repeat with other sock.
12. -Congrats! You are finished!