Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well....Here it goes! Back in May Jason and I got to go back to Chicago to play with all our friends, see Jason's parents, and OH YA.....JASON GRADUATED!!!! I am so proud of my handsome man. He has worked so hard and is such a STUD we LOVE him!
When we got back from Chicago we took our kiddlets to Day out with Thomas. Porter loved the IDEA of it. But it was a lot of waiting around in long lines to get a little tattoo of Thomas on your hand. (That Porter hated, he wanted it cleaned off right away!)
Porter was so excited to see Sir. Thopam Hat, but when it came down to it my kids were TERRIFIED!! (I'm a bad mom and thought it was funny, so did everyone around us!)
Of course the best part was the ride! This picture is just too cute to not post!
Porter was in HEAVEN!
Ellery HATED all the loud train whistles that were sounding!
By the time it was our turn to take a picture with Thomas, Porter was SOOOOO done.
My favorite was the awesome steam engine that was there (trust me I have way to many pictures to prove it. With steam coming from the wheels and the puffing smoke, whats not to love!)

So far this summer.... There has been a lot of outside playing....
Parade watching......
water playing.....
and cousin bonding!
This summer I have been helping my oldest sister out, watching her three girls a few times a week. One day Jason was out working in the backyard trimming a tree and the girls found some "tails." They were playing like they were animals, too cute.

Last summer I tried to take Porter to a dollar movie and he lasted a whole 15 min. including previews. We thought we would try it again so he and I headed for a Mommy and Son date. We went to Toy Story 3 and LOVED it!

On the 4th of July my kids looked so cute all ready for church. Someone wasn't cooperating, and someone looks CRAZY CUTE!!
After church we went to my parents house for one of Porter's favorite activities. Giving Grammy's flowers a drink!

And finally to this last weekend. We headed of to the Days of 47 Parade. It is a tradition every year with Jason's family. We head to the parade, Chuck-A-Rama for lunch, and then to the Gateway fountain!

Ellery LOVED finding the "princesses"!
My favorite that day was when Porter was showing up the ladies with his flag dancing skills. If you look at the top of the picture you can see the girls and their flags.
And last but not least. This may not look like a significant picture, but to me....It is so darn sweet. Ellery and Porter have missed their daddy SO much the last month or so. He has been studying for the BAR from 7a.m.-10p.m. and any moment they could squeeze in with daddy...they did!!!

Today is the 2nd of two days of the BAR. We love Jason and all the hard work he puts in for our family's sake. We love you BABE!!!