Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Chef....I wish!

Porter was playing "kitchen" the other day and found this round box thingy and decided to become a "Chef" such a cute little imagination.
Too bad that can't translate into his food habits. He has the worst eating habits EVER! Look at my two opposites: Cold cereal for one. And a plate of tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese for the other. (Please don't mind our dinner in jammies, they just bathed after being outside!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

St. George Wedding

The happy BEAUTIFUL couple!
This last weekend we went to St. George for my little brother Landon's wedding. It was bunches of fun and we are SO happy to have Kara as part of our family.

So much swimming......we were pooped!
Here are some pictures at the reception. The wedding colors were black and white with YELLOW accents. Porter's accent was my FAVORITE!!

My AWESOME mom made all the girls black and white skirts.
And my two little darlings actually sat next to each other, with somewhat of a smile on their faces for longer than 2 seconds. I'm a happy mom!

It was a FUN weekend that wasn't nearly long enough! But sure was HOT enough!

(P.S. As you can see Ellery's leg is FINE, no idea what happened but are grateful she is all better!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Poor Baby!

( She looks like such a big girl in this pic:( )
Ellery woke up this morning (much earlier than normal) complaining her leg hurt. I didn't think much about it, we hopped in my bed and watched some cartoons. She kept complaining and I kept putting it off until she finally told me she was hungry for breakfast. When I carried her in the kitchen and tried to set her down she would not put any weight on her right leg and cried and cried and cried. I called her pediatrician and they had us come in right away. They then sent us to get X-Rays and things came up normal. When we finally headed back to the pediatrician Ellery would cry if we held her the wrong way (pretty much couldn't touch her leg at ALL!) Even though nothing came up on X-Ray the doctor and the radiologist say it is very common in children to not have fractures show up until they actually start to heal. With Ellery not wanting to put any weight on her leg we know something is wrong for sure.
She will have this splint on for 4 days, we then can take it off and see if she limps, refuses to walk, etc.. If so.....we put it back on and get more X-Rays in 10 days. We still have no idea what happened. As far as we know we put Ellery to bed perfectly happy last night, and woke up to this. Our poor baby!!! She is not mobile and is so sad about it!
Oh ya, and to add to the sadness, we head to St. George for my brother's wedding on Wednesday. And if you have asked Ellery what she is going to do in St. George for the last 2 weeks, you would all get the answer "Swimmin!" Poor girl no swimming for her in the 108 degree weather :(

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Silly girl...holding her fork in one hand and eating with the other!
Jason has been going stir crazy at home. And has been filling up too many sippy cups. So much that when HE was thirsty he got himself one, lid and all and didn't realize until he had a sippy lid to his mouth!
And here is the marble sized hale that woke my kids from their naps yesterday Grrrrr!