Thursday, January 28, 2010

He must be 3

I don't know if it's the fact that Porter is now 3 or that he has been hanging around boy cousins lots. But Porter has turned into an energetic running around, climbing, jumping, ruff housing boy. Porter has always been fun and energetic. But he just seems to be turning into my little "Big Boy". We were playing around the other night after we put Ellery to bed. (Rare occasion that they don't go down at the same time. He thinks it's pretty cool when he sees his little sister head to bed and he gets to stay up! Now that I think about it, we should let it happen more often. Sometimes we forget he is the big brother now that Ellery can do and SAY just about everything he can.) Porter was loving running around having his own Mom and especially Dad time! (I think his Pj's are very appropriate for the night "Mommy's WILD Child")

Running non stop....Jumping off the couch!
The couch wasn't high enough, so dad launched him from his knees!

We love our cute little man!
Not many people know but Porter has a pause button! As soon as you start tickling Porters neck or back he freezes and goes into a trance until you stop. This has come in handy many times, especially church. We love it, he loves it, we love him, LIFE IS GOOD!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tu-Tu CUTE!!

Getting dizzy and holding moms hand for balance!

I made this tu-tu for Ellery for Christmas and she LOVES IT!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back 2 blogging!!

And back to a somewhat normal life. Life has been CRAZY the last month. We found out on Thursday Dec. 17 that Jason was accepted to finish his last semester of law school at the University of Utah. We had told ourselves that if we found out before THAT weekend we were going to try and make it home for Christmas. So Sunday the 20th of December we were off, and arrived in Utah on Monday! Yep we drove the 20 hours in about a day and a half! So here is our last month...all blurred together!!
Ellery had to model everything that EVERYONE got!
On Christmas morning and EVER since our silly, cute, spunky Ellery has to show EVERYONE in the room what she got, what she can do, how much fun she is having, or how yummy grammy and grandpas diet coke tastes!
Here is our good "little mommy" in action with her favorite gift!
We have been hanging out with family like crazy and are loving every second! One day we thought it would be fun to take the kiddos to Cabellas, I just love this picture of Molly and Porter!
Just hanging out looking at the animals.
Porters favorite part of the trip was feeding the fish. Here he is with Grandpa!
And our good little Ellers who was dying to get out of the stroller with the big kids, but was a pretty good sport.
One of our favorite things to do is just hang out at Grammy's! here the kids are all pretending to be asleep!

Oh Ellery....Ellery has always been pretty independent. But OH MY GOODNESS does she have a determined mind of her own!!!! If she wants it she will find a way to get it. Whether it be pushing her plate to the side and reaching across the table to get the chips she wants, going and taking Grammys coke out of her hand, or running off with uncle Landons cookie. (I realize all these examples are food, but we all know how much this girl likes to eat, no one should be surprised!)
The kids love there new BIG bedroom!

And last but not least...(for some reason this post is mostly about Miss. Sass) Ellery got a new haircut that I can not get enough of! Check it out SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

PHEWWWW, I can't believe almost a month has past since leaving Chicago we MISS EVERYONE like crazy. I wanted to cry after church on Sunday, I LOVED my Chicago ward SO SO SO SO much!!! I wanted Porter to go to Sunbeams with his friends and not strangers. I wanted Ellery to go to nursery with all her buddy's, but instead Jason sat in with crying Porter and I was in nursery with screaming Elle :( We are slowly getting used to this new life of ours. And we wouldn't want to be anywhere but HOME!