Monday, November 15, 2010

Here comes.....

Number 3! I am 15 weeks along and due in May (one day after Ellery's 3rd birthday!) Yes, we already know that we are having another BOY!!! I went to my doctor visit today. The Doctor was down doing a delivery, and since I used to work at the office, and have the best nurse ever..... we decided to check and see what we are having!! We were guessing it was a boy since I was sick with Porter and not at all sick with Ellery. This pregnancy has been the hardest on me by far. We are so excited and can't wait for this little man to join our family!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Whatcha' doin'?

Seems like it has been a while since I have posted about the simple cute things my kids do every day. (This post is for me, because it simply makes ME happy!)
Here is Ellery fresh out of the shower (her new favorite.) Playing tea party with her "friends."
Porter has been all about MONSTERS lately. Here he is the other day walking Ellery through the dark with a flash light so she won't be afraid of the monsters!
Ellery and Porter both love to play "kitchen" and make dinner for everyone in the house!
Happy Friday!