Friday, June 10, 2011

5 weeks

Really Grayer...REALLY?? How in the world is my baby already 5 weeks old. He is such a good baby we love him to pieces. He is so content and only fusses when its eatin' time. And for the past week he has been giving us a good 5 hour period at night of good old sleepin' time. We love our Grayer man!

And how sad is this his reign of cute baby newness is already over. But we are happy to share our newness with sweet baby Annie. My brother and his wife had little miss Annie last Friday and she is so STINKING cute!

Look at the difference 4 weeks makes, and Annie has a bigger birth weight!

Cute babies all around I have 2 sisters-in-law that are having babies in the coming months as well. LOVE IT! Now Grayer STOP growing up, LOVE Mom!