Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love my white trash baby!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Happy Birthday Dear......."

For Ellery's birthday we took her to the mall for lunch and to ride the carousel!

The kids love the carousel SO much we rode it once before lunch and once after!

Later that night we had some family over for presents and on Ellery's request PINK cupcakes!

And if anyone has been around Ellery the last Oh....5 months before her birthday you would ALL know that ALL she wanted for for her birthday is for Grammy to get her a PINK bike!! We waited until the very end to bring it out. She was so excited she jumped up, couldn't get any words out and hopped on the bike for the rest of the night!
My WONDERFUL little eater miss Ellery did NOT care for her cupcakes. My kids just do not eat birthday cake. I need to figure out our own birthday tradition treat!
Probably one of the funniest and best presents of the night came from my brother Jordan. A few months ago we were all hanging out at my mom's house late at night past bedtime, when Uncle Jordan decided to ask Ellery if she wanted a cheeseburger. And OF COURSE my little lunch munch wanted food as ALWAYS. And since it was way too late, and I think even a Sunday there was no way a McDonald's cheeseburger was going to happen. And Ellery just cried and cried (literally) and asked for a cheeseburger for the rest of the night!!! So...for her birthday Uncle Jordan came through and brought her a happy meal!!! (She dropped everything!)
And last but not least, this morning a few weeks after 3 cousin birthdays and his own sisters birthday, Porter has decided that TODAY is his birthday (real B-day is in Dec!) During breakfast he sang Happy Birthday to himself and blew out is pretend candles in his bowl of cheerios! And has been repeating over and over "Happy Birthday Porter!" Poor boy, I feel so bad for him. He just does not understand why it seems that everyone in his little world is having a birthday except for him. So for today Happy Birthday Porter lets make some cookies!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I was running to stop the microwave so it wouldn't overcook lunch. I was being silly running and making a noise "ffff......ffff....ffff....." I didn't even notice until Porter started giggling and saying "Mommy's being an F!!" I love my little smarty pants who knows all his alphabet sounds and so much more. Thanks for being the cutest boy EVER Porter pants!

Wheeler Farm

With so many birthdays in one week, one of the adventures we enjoyed was Wheeler Farm. We love this place! We loved.....
Climbing trees!

Playing in the houses
The tractors

Being with our cousins!
And of course THE ANIMALS!!
Ellery and Grandpa
We ALL loved the baby goats
The ducks and geese were so much fun. Porter is not at all afraid of animals. I was afraid most of the time that Porter would end up in the little stream behind him. He loved being so close!
Surprise, surprise... Ellery just at the bread that we brought the ducks! She was not a big fan of the duck just wandering around and wanted to stay in the stroller.
But the best part of ALL was the pony rides. Porter was the last to take his turn and was SO excited. He ran up every time someone got off wanting his turn sooooo bad. It was all worth the wait when it was finally his turn he jumped up on that horse and said "YEE HAW!!"

Monday, May 10, 2010


OH how I LOVE my......Spunky, Sweet, Sassy, Silly, Sensitive, Sassafras little GIRL!!!
I can not believe my baby is 2 years old!
Ellery has so much personality, and sweetness I just love every bit of her!

At 2 Ellery LOVES:
-to talk
-to EAT!
-to be silly (And knows when she is acting so.)
-the color PINK
-"underwares" (Even though she does NOT wear them!)
-bows (It's a good thing :)
-ALL stuffed animals
-yellow flowers (dandy lions!)
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-Grandma's house
-YELLOW cars (Finds them everywhere we go!)
-singing (Some favs: "I Love to See The Temple", "Patty Cake", "Daisy, Daisy", and "Little Mermaid")

I could go on for days. Ellery is such a fun, happy, spunky little girl and we LOVE her OH SO MUCH!

P.S. Ellery's birthday is the fourth birthday in just a one week period for 4 out of almost 9 of my parents grand babies! It has been a busy week of FUN, lots more to post later of all the PARTIES!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Trick!

Remember the days of BlOwINg bUBbleS in your MiLK!!!!
We were at lunch today and Porter thought it was so fun to blow bubbles in his chocolate milk. Which by the way, he ordered ALL by himself today! Oh he is growing up too fast, love you bubs!