Sunday, October 31, 2010


Can I just say how happy I am to be living in Utah on a Sunday Halloween! We got to go trick-or-treating on Saturday and it was totally acceptable! Saturday night we had friends over for "Mummy hotdogs" and "Witches brew" Porter was fascinated!!
The kids were so excited to go and get some candy! Yes, Porter would not stop jumping he was so excited!
(Minnie=Kaitlyn, Little Lamb=Hailey, Butterfly with tu-tu and leotard=Ellery, Spider=Porter)
(Whenever we asked Elle what she was going to be for Halloween she had to tell us every part of her outfit, so Elle!)
When we started it was hardly raining, super windy, and chilly! We thought we weren't going to last too long. But after 5-10 min. the rain went away and the wind stopped it was perfect! Not much later our cute little Kaitlyn was done and Porter was content to be done as well. But NOT Ellery, she was begging to go to "Just one more house!" So the others went home while Ellery and I went to "Just one more house" for the next half hour. She loved it and everyone who answered the door just LOVED her!
We finished of the holiday today at my parents house for the traditional homemade chili and donuts! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin!

We started the night with a pumpkin pizza! (I think this should be a new tradition!)
We got together with our cousins...
I think the sky looks pretty cool in these pictures. And notice how fast it got dark! And a big Ellery warning...I could not get her to smile for the life of me... instead... she purposely gave me all her sassy looks...enjoy!

They could have cared less about the large pumpkins. They loved the little ones!
Porter loved running around and kicking up the dirt.

We ended our night with a bath, warm cookies from the oven and in to bed with our cute new Halloween jammies!