Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Ellery, It's a good thing I love ya!!

Ellery's favorite words: eat, breakfast, eat, dinner, hungry, lunch, breakfast, eat, eat, eat......
This morning however, this little lady was off her game. She woke up and first word out of her mouth as usual "breakfast!" I sat her up in her seat, and since she wakes up 2 hours after Porter (9:30ish) I ask her what she would like for breakfast and she asked for eggs. ELLERY LOVES EGGS! Great so, while I started making her eggs I gave her a drinkable yogurt (My kids go through these things like candy!) She screams no at me pushes it over spilling it all over the table. I got upset at her for purposely spilling it, she bawls (I have never seen a sadder cry than when I hurt Ellery's feelings.) I get her eggs made put them in her favorite Hello Kitty bowl. She cries and tells me they are too hot, I blow on them and promise her they are ready to be eaten.
Ellery: "NO EGGS!!"
Me: "Okay what would you like?"
Ellery: "Applesauce!"
Me: "Fine, applesauce it is"
(I hand her the apple sauce)
At this point I was done. I do not normally put up with offering and making a million things. So I told her she was done and we headed for the tub.

So if you have made it this far. Kids are bathed and ready for the day. Porter is watching Chuggington. I hear Ellery from the other room.
"MMMMMMM....yummy eggs!"
Yep I left the eggs sitting on the table. And Ellery had made herself comfortable on the ottoman, eating COLD EGGS. YUCK, I can't think of many foods I normally like, that can turn absolutely DISGUSTING when cold!

Silly girl. Good thing she is better than me and cleaned up after herself!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This girl loves "pock-pocks" a.k.a. POCKETS!
She gets so mad when her clothes don't have any pockets to put her hands in. She will put her hands in my pockets, her pockets, daddy's pockets....She loves em'!
SILLY FACE! Ellery is seriously one of the funniest girls I know. Not many people get to see this side of her, she is pretty reserved around others. She loves to make faces. Say and do silly things, all while knowing how silly she is being!! LOVE HER!

Only problem with her loving pockets so much is that once her hands are in, she has no desire to take them out. She struggles to sit down, trying to hold things while hands are in pockets, WALKING! (She's going to fall on her face one of these days.) We love our Ellery and her "pock-pocks"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cookie Monster!!

Sunday before church I made some cookies. (The best cookies EVER! Thanks Erin :)While they were baking I hear my little man jumping up and down doing a happy dance with a huge grin! Porter LOVES cookies, he only eats about 10 things and cookies might just be his number 1!
I told him to go ahead and have one.
Little did I know...He was hearing " Go ahead, have as many as you would like." I was busy getting ready not paying much attention, but noticed he always had a cookie in his hand. He kept going back for another, and another, and another...... I'm not sure how many he had, but boy was he happy! (Running away with another cookie!)

(*** Please don't mind the undershirt and diaper. I don't bother dressing my kids for 1:00 church until the last minute.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny thing is, I do believe it WAS his.....

Hanging around the house with a sick Ellery today when Porter found this.
He looked at me and said "Porter's?" stuck it in his mouth and ran into his bedroom to tuck himself in. I'm pretty sure it is his from back in the day. I don't remember buying Ellery any orange binky's. It must have been one we didn't catch and became Ellery's.He couldn't even talk with the silly thing, but was so HAPPY it was in his mouth. It has been over a year since he gave them up, but he still remembers how happy they make him. It actually made me a little sad that he went and tucked himself into bed. Because I can tell it is still hard for Porter to sooth himself to sleep and I catch him sucking on phantom binkys in his sleep all the time. (When it's Ellery's turn to give them up, she still has her favorite stuffed animals to comfort her to sleep.)
Best part is how he kept telling me "Sweet Dreams Monny, Sweet Dreams!"