Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well folks, I suppose it's time to talk more about this pregnancy. It is going by SOOOOO SLOW!!! We all know the first pregnancy goes by super slow, but when you have two kids so close together (17 months, got preggers when Porter was only 8 months old) it seems like my first two pregnancies went by so fast. I feel like I am starting over. I have to go to baby center each week to keep up on what is happening inside my body. I count down to every Tuesday when I am one week closer to holding this yummy baby in my arms. I was making myself sick around 17-18 weeks waiting for any sign of movement in my belly. You get the point.

Well I am finally 21 weeks and went to my official ultrasound appointment yesterday to see my sweet baby BOY (yep, I was worried it changed.) And it NEVER gets old, I love ultrasounds. Seeing your itty bitty baby stick his tongue out, stretch out his LONG legs and arms, (the ultrasound tech said he had super long limbs) and at the end to see him get camera shy and turn his bum to us and face away saying I'm done! I am so smitten!

After the ultrasound I had a quick check up with the coolest OB around. BEST news ever for me (don't read if you don't want to hear prideful Mindi) I have not gained a single pound thus far in this pregnancy. I lost 3-4 lbs. in the beginning and have gained those back but that is it. NO extra poundage YAY! The doctor also measured me and in his words said "This boy is no wimp" already measuring big???!!! AAAAHHHHH....if we can remember back Ellery was a whopping 9.4lbs. At least this time around I am prepared for a big baby (my dumb Chicago Dr. told me he was thinking she would be 7lbs. even, YAH RIGHT!) Whatever way he comes out, no matter how big, or bald he may be, as long as he is healthy it's all that matters.

For any name questions that come my way. My lips are sealed. There is no definite name, however there is one that we love! Names have been ruined for us in the past especially with boy names. I simply don't want any ones opinion! Because once we name him, as long as Jason and I love it, you have no choice but to tell me "What a cute name!" or simply keep your mouth shut. Because once that is his name what kind of decent person would do or say anything but! (Off my soap box now.)

To sum up....I am super excited to squeeze and hold this new sweet, perfect, yummy baby of ours. It's all down hill from here!

Friday, December 17, 2010


My little man is 4 years old! I can not believe it! He is so big and grown up. Yesterday (on his birthday) Jason had the day off so we took the kids to Discovery Gateway. We had never been there before and had a BLAST! Porter was in heaven! The ball area was a huge hit. We played there probably 1/3 of the time, which says a lot since there are so many things to do there.
Porter's favorite part was putting the ball in the tubes that blow the balls up into the taller tubes. Look closely to see his hair flying up and his eyes barley open, the air was quite strong! Miss wasn't as big of a fan of that part.
But she sure loved the house, making dinner and doing the ironing!
Porter was just checking to see if Warehouse Mouse lived in this house. (He hates Imagination Movers, but loves Warehouse Mouse in between shows!)

We probably spent another 1/3 of the time at the Construction Site, I have about a million pictures here. Porter loved to play with the cranes, wear the vest and hat, build with big blocks, etc.

The helicopter was a blast Dad loved it too!
Later that night we took him to McDonalds with my family to have his favorite cheeseburger and fries. And to play in the playplace. Then my whole family came over for presents, cake and ice cream.
I love the look on cousin Easton's face in this picture. Porter got the movie How to Train your Dragon and we were able to find a Night Furry dragon (super hard to find!)
And of course the big anticipated Leapster! He was so excited to play and is currently cuddled up next to me playing his train game, he LOVES IT!
And his cousins also got him his staples in life!
Now Porter does not eat much, this we all know. But he also KNOWS that with a birthday comes birthday cake and ice cream. Porter does not eat cake and ice cream but INSISTED on having one. I tried to tell him that I would make him a BIG cookie cake and he would not have it. So we went to the store and he picked out a CHOCOLATE cake, CHOCOLATE frosting, and CHOCOLATE ice cream, I could not sway him any other way! So after all is said and done how could I not let him have what he KNOWS you get for birthday parties. So I made his cake, and so he could really enjoy a treat COOKIES too! (Porter is a cookie monster!)
Last but not least Porter shares his birthday with his cousin Addie! Addie is exactly 7 years older than Porter. In my family we share A LOT of birthdays.
This May when I am due to have my baby we have 4 other birthdays in the same WEEK! So that means 5 of my parents 10 grand babies all have birthdays within 6 days. Two of the grand kids were born on the same day 7 hours apart, we call them twin cousins! May is the magic month or should I say August is the MAGIC month! Happy birthday P we love you to the moon and back!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun weekend!

On Friday we went to the mall and sat on Santa's lap. Too bad they wouldn't let me use my camera and wanted me to pay $30.00 for a picture. So we opted for a picture in line right before we saw Santa! (I know Ellery looks bald in this pic, but she really had cute pig tails, oh well!)

The next day we hopped on Trax with Grammy and Grandpa. These happy pictures don't do justice to the joy Porter felt about riding the train!!

This is what Porter did the entire ride there and back!

We went to Temple Square with the crazy crowds. So sad I didn't get a good picture of the grounds and just how many pretty lights there are.

I haven't been to Temple Square to enjoy the lights for a VERY long time. It was so much fun to take Grammy and Grandpa along with us. After the lights we stopped at Little America for a yummy snack. Jumped back on a full train and were amazed to find seats to enjoy the ride home. What a perfect Holiday day!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We are looking for Blue's Clues......

Porter found a few old VHS Blue's Clues videos and has been HOOKED!! But today he decided to play Blue's Clues! I remember my little brother loving this show and had his own handy dandy notebook! (You're welcome Landon)
Porter asked me for a notebook and has been playing non stop for the last hour running around saying "A CLUE, A CLUE!" coloring in his notebook and then running to his thinking chair! All while humming the shows theme song!

I have loved seeing Porters imagination come alive this last month or so. He loves to pretend, he does not need any new toys, he just turns what he has into fire hose and Ellery's doll stroller into his firetruck, or one of Ellery's necklaces all of a sudden becomes a scary snake! LOVE this boy to death!