Thursday, August 27, 2009

The boy who eats NOTHING!

OH my little Porter, how I wish you would eat SOMETHING other than PB&J's!!!! Truly my little man only eats about a handful of things. I don't know how to get him to try anything new. There is no reasoning with the boy, I've all but force feed him JUST TASTE IT, bribes don't work (not a fan of treats either!) Most of my problems are with dinner. About 80% of the time I set what everyone else is having for dinner in front of him and he tells us to STOP then continues to push the plate as far away from him as possible. Other times I don't want to fight and bring out the PB&J's. OH what is a mom to do!!!
Well last night he went hungry....this has happened many times before! But for some reason Jason and I felt extra bad about it last night. So this morning after his pancakes I gave Porter his favorite thing to eat in the ENTIRE world!! In fact I gave him 2!!

He was a happy boy to say the least!!
OH and this little lady was getting jealous of the picture taking. LOOK at that FACE! That tells you pretty much all you need to know about this little girl. She's got SPUNK!!! Everyone who knows her has been telling me lately how much her personality is growing. More to come on her soon!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I LOVE my life!

Thanks Haylee!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He hasn't done this in ages!

Today Porter got out the bag of cars we put away for him. We knew he would want to play with them later on, since these ones weren't good enough when he was obsessed with "Cars" cars and now trains. But it is fun to see them out again and him playing with them just like he did before.. lines and lines of cars. Love you buddy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This weekend we were able to go to Kirtland, OH to visit Jason's parents on their mission, and to see Jason's brother Britton and his family. The reason for going (as if we really need a reason) was to go and be a part of Miles' baby blessing!

(Sue, Stephanie, Miles, Britton, Jack, Roger)
I love that they were all wearing red and black. (Not planned!)

Cute Miles

(Britton is older than Jason by 2 1/2 years although those who don't know always think Jason is the older brother! Porter is older than Jack by only 2 months.)
The boys were best friends the whole trip (minus a few rumbles)

Sorry no pics of Ellery, I promise she was there!! Thanks for the fun weekend family!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big Kid

Porter returned home from Utah to a BIG BOY BED! A friend of ours let us have it for a steal of a deal. Porter has done so well sleeping in it. There was only one day at nap time when he kept coming out of his room with blanket and stuffed animal in hand wanting to hang out with mom. Other than that he stays in bed, if he isn't quite ready to fall asleep he will read books or take a toy to bed with him.
One of my favorite things is waking up hearing him playing in his room. He stays in his room and plays each morning until I come and get him. This morning I loved hearing him singing his ABC's! (That's all he does these days!)
Well like I said he does pretty good until tonight....I walked into his room to find this!!!!!
His room torn apart and keeping his poor sister up late! Hope this will not be a reoccurring thing, we'll see!

Monday, August 3, 2009

We miss UTAH!!

We had such a blast in Utah and already miss it. Tomorrow will only be a week since we have left and I am ready to go back Husband in tow! Get ready for picture overload!!!
These three were together most of the trip. And they were best buds. Any time Easton would say he is doing something with Porter, Molly loved to chime in that she was going to do the same thing but with Ellery.
We went to the Herriman splash park with both my family and Jason's. So much fun!
The beach at Daybreak is SOOOO much fun!!! The sand was so soft and the water was nice and shallow. We just sat there on the blanket with our big umbrella while the kids sat at the waters edge.
I was so glad that Ellery didn't enjoy the sand and was happy to sit on the blanket!
I love that you can see Easton's sand clod in the air.Love the action shot!
BEST french toast in the WORLD. Kneaders all you can eat french toast is the best. The toast is amazing along with the yummy syrup and homemade whip cream. YUMMO!!
Porter my boy who doesn't eat anything ate two massive pieces and was in heaven!
And then there was the Gateway water fountain. I get almost as excited as the kids when they turn the music on and the water goes crazy!!
(Emma, Olivia, Porter)
Bathing beauties!!!!
(Emma, Makenna, Hailey, Kate)
Last but not least. This random picture of my little girly girl. Ellery has turned into such a girl, carrying around her purse and wearing her beads. LOVE IT!!
Don't worry family I am already counting down the days until Christmas so we can return to the BEST place on earth!