Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whoa BABY!

*Ellery just came back from her 2 week check-up and HOLY MOLY!!
10 lbs. 6 oz. (95%)
23 inches long (over 100%)
15 for head (80%)
And I love every inch, roll, and pudge! We love our chunky Ellery!!
My poor babies! Within the first 2 weeks of both of their lives they have both gotten eye infections, same eye too. I noticed in the hospital with Ellery that it was coming. The pediatrician told me that at the time it just looked like a clogged eye duct, but to watch it. Well sure enough it turned into an infection, good thing I still have Porter's medication to clear it up.
I refused to take a picture of Porter's infection (dumb). It must have been the whole "new mom" thing but I felt so horrible and that it was somehow my fault that he got the infection. But I still put up a picture of him around one week (when he got his infection.)

As I was looking through Porter's old pictures I just had to add this....Look at the difference between my two babies. TOO FUNNY!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I love Polka Dots

My friend Val "bag tagged" me a while back so, since I got an adorable new bag for Mother's Day I thought I would share! (That also means it is pretty clean and boring, but oh well!)


  • Wallet
  • Insurance information
  • pen
  • gum
  • Burt's Bees chap stick (l live on this stuff)
  • Phone
  • Diaper's size 4 and size 1 (yep, no newborn diapers for our little chunk!)
  • Wipes
  • 2 toy cars
  • Container full of goldfish crackers
  • Container with about 5 graham cracker sticks
  • Sippy cup, Bottle
  • Formula container
  • 2 packs of fruit snacks
  • Johnson's baby lotion

And I had to hurry and snap a picture of my little man blogging with me. Another great GARAGE SALE find. He loves the computer!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Pretty Girl

*I would just like to say that I am not a photographer, nor do I care to be one. (I'll leave that to my sisters). But every newborn needs nakey pictures. So here is my attempt!
I just had to get one in of my "Sharpei Puppy" look at all her 9.4 lbs of rolls!
I love, love, love Naartjie clothes for little girls! Every time she has something on that is Naartjie I find myself taking tons of pictures. I am so sad they don't have one out here. (I guess it's okay though, there is no way I can afford it!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nite Nite Time

Porter thought it was so cool when we put Ellery in his crib tonight. We have found that it is easiest to say family prayer when we put Porter in his crib, he will just lay there quietly and listen. So for fun we decided to lay the kids next to each other during prayer and he thought it was so fun!

P.S. TWO is better than ONE! Not that I didn't love my time with just Porter. But it is such a blast having 2 children, I love them to pieces!!
My little wide eyed girl! They change SO fast, I think she looks different already!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So here's the scoop....

Our little girl is here ALREADY!
Last Thursday I went in for my regular doctors appointment, and at that appointment my blood pressure was a little high and there was some protein in my urine, but no real concern. Well then the next day (Friday) I was at my friend's baby shower and my right ankle swelled up really fast, and it felt like my whole leg was asleep. So I decided to call the doctor and just make sure that with the swelling, and the things they found at my appointment the day before, there wasn't a concern.
The doctor told me to go home and lay down for a half hour and if the swelling didn't go down, to go in and get my blood checked. Needless to say I ended up going in that night to get checked out. The nurse who checked me out was kinda vague. She told us she was going to call the doctor and see what he would like to do. She came back with the phone and handed it to me, the doctor said it looks like I was on the verge of toxemia. He said it would only get worse before it got better and that since I was already dilated, that we might as well have the baby. So that's what we did. Which I am SO GLAD we did. I CAN'T believe that she was 9.4 pounds. HOLY COW!!!!

Porter and his sister...
This is Porter's first encounter with his little sister. When he first got to the hospital he didn't want anything to do with me in that bed. It was so disheartening. I think he went through his own rough time that day. The night we went into the hospital we ran him over to our good friends' house. He woke up the next morning at 6:15am not knowing where he was and he didn't see us the entire day. Once we let him get down and wander around my room he warmed up. And this is what we got. He was quiet and just wanted to watch her, then Jason put her in his lap and he did not want to let go. It was so sweet.

Now that we are home he loves to hang out with his sister. Any time I have her up on the couch he likes to be up there with her. He usually just sits there and she will get the occasional pat. He pretty much just leaves her alone throughout the day. If she makes a noise he will go up and "gab" at her. And he loves to blow her kisses.

No bow is TOO big! But it is sad to say that her 0-3 clothes fit just right :(
It is rare to see this little girl with her eyes open. Here she is while her dad is burping her.
She is such a good baby. She has given us a good 5 hours in between feedings at night and we rarely hear her cry. It has been so fun to have her in our home. It's like she has always been here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ellery Jean
May 10, 2008
7:52 a.m. * 9 lbs 4 oz * 20.5 inches

Who Knew that this little girl would come 9 days early and be an inch longer and a pound and a half heavier than Porter was? She is the heavyweight champion of the family. She is the biggest grandchild to be born so far on both sides of the family and she has the chins to prove it. Talk about a happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last PREGO picture you're going to see!!!

Only a few more days to go! (Sorry the picture is blurry, if I have it on flash it works just fine. But once I turn the flash off so you can see me, it goes blurry.) Anyway, I just got back from the Dr.'s office and he says things are looking good, and that I am almost at a 3. He said that he would be surprised if I made it to the 19th. But in case I do, I have an induction set for the morning of the19th. WAHOO!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Porter LOVES to get out!

Don't mind the ugly pregnancy feet! So....this afternoon after Porter's nap, he comes up to me with 2 shoes in hand literally trying to put them on my feet. As soon as I understood what he was trying to do, I went ahead and put them on. It's amazing that he got a left and right, and as soon as I had both on he got a huge grin on his face and started waving BYE-BYE! I don't blame him it was a super nice day outside!!

Needless to say we did end up going out, how could I say no. (However, I did wear matching shoes!) We ended up at the grocery store and I made the best purchase of the year!! Let me just say, I wait ALL YEAR LONG for Christmas time to come around to eat MINT M&M's, and I don't know why in the world M&M's stopped making the CRISPY M&M's in the first place, they are delicious! Well, I'm sure you can guess what's next....they are making limited edition Indiana Jones CRISPY MINT M&M's!! Yummmmmmm!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


That's right I went GARAGE SALE-ING today! I got some amazing deals on 9 items for only $6.30, and I am not talking small things, I got some major deals!! I don't care what anyone says, you can find some great stuff at amazing prices at garage sales! There is something about the search and the satisfaction of finding a great deal on something that I need!
Now don't get me wrong, there are certain ways to go about these things. I say number one is go to "nice areas," that way you can almost assure yourself that they are going to have good things that are hardly used and well taken care of. Then you defiantly have to do drive-by's to make sure it is even worth getting out of the car. For me I look for children's toys, furniture, clothes, etc. I think it is for sure the best way to get larger toys for super cheep prices!!

So to get back to my reason for this post, this is what I got for $6.30!!
-Fisher Price, car garage ($2.50)
Porter is obsessed with cars right now, and has not stopped playing with this thing the entire day!!
-4 new cars (to play with the garage.) (30 cents)

-A new booster seat ($2.50)
I'm sure Porter will still need to have at least a booster when this little girl is ready to take over the high chair. Plus, our little friend Madelyn is always over during lunch time, and it will be so nice to get the kids fed at the same time.
- NOT one or two, but 3 Patio Chairs! (75 cents)
Jason and I have gone to look at patio chairs at Walmart a few times wanting to have something to sit on out on our patio, and every time we just can't seem to choke up the money for them, and always say "Maybe next time." So I was looking at one of the houses today and there were 3 patio chairs sitting there. One for Daddy bear, Mama bear, and one for Baby bear (don't worry, we don't actually call ourselves by cheesy bear names, but it was a goldilocks moment for sure). I asked the lady how much and she said 25 cents apiece. What 75 cents for all three, I was ecstatic!! Now they aren't the best looking but honestly who cares for 75 cents!!!!
-New Mad Libs book (25 cents)
Jason and I are always in the mood for a good mad lib!!

So all in all it was quite the day! I love finding things you need for such great deals! So if I like garage sales you can guarantee that I also love Goodwill. You bet, living on a poor student budget I have found some great things at Goodwill as well! (Hello.... Target sends all there clearance stuff there!)